Sharma Divine Hub & Founders are committed to providing each customer  with exceptional Service and Value for the price they pay.

We Want You to Feel Comfortable about Performing Transaction and doing Business with us. Due to the Nature of our Business, Virtual Products and Accessibility of our Products Immediately upon purchase, There is a generous 1 Days Full Refund policy calculated from the Date of Purchase, and I  Believe it is Sufficient time for you to Decide if your Purchase is Valuable. Any subsequent requests for refund Will not be entertained.

If you are not Completely Satisfied with the Product you have paid for,

Just contact within 1 days of the Purchase. We will issue you a Full Refund Right Away. No Questions Asked. And the Refund Processing is Subject to Payment Gateway Processing

NOTE : Refund Applicable ONLY ON SELECT PRODUCTS, COURSES and SERVICES on which Money Back Guarantee is Advertised.

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