Aura ScannerConsultation

Part One –

Aura Scanner
Introduction to Aura scanner, Detection and measurement of negative energies IR, UV, BY, PY, Tips to clear off negative energies, Yantras for removal of negative energies, Types Of Scanning Using Aura Scanner, Checking the Compatibility of a person with scanner, Scanner detection for Ideal business, Ideal job, Couple compatibility for marriage, Using scanner for distance energy scanning and application of the scanner on photos.

Part Two –

Chakras & 5 Elements
Understanding of the Seven energy fields of our body, Energy detection of Chakras, Healing Remedies, Energy detection of five elements


Part Three –

Astrology & Aura Scanner
Astrology & Aura Scanner, Gemstone Energy, Detecting planetary energies with the help of scanner, Remedies

Part Four –

Aura Scanner & Vastu
Scanner Working with 16 Directions in Vastu, Detection of Vastu energies from main gate with scanner, Finding of Brahmasthaan with scanner, Scanner detection for geopathic stress and its removal


  • We provide our clients with the most objective and scientific advice possible.
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  • We take our time with our clients and listen to them carefully; we don’t use costly treatments.
  • We provide more than just a good deal.
  • We also encourage our clients to reach their full potential

If you are planning to purchase a home or a flat:-

When choosing a plot/property, remember to scan energy with Aura Scanner. Now is the perfect moment to follow our advice. Your success can be assured if you invest in Aura Scanning of property at this time.

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